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. >>> across iran anti-government protesters sit the streets and they got a message for president obama. >>> a florida casino calls a multimillion dollar jackpot a malfunction. we have the rest of that story. hi, everybody. chuck roberts on a wednesday. welcome. a convicted rapist facing multiple counts of murder, rape and kidnapping will stay behind bars indefinitely. a judge in cleveland has denied bond for 50-year-old anthony sowell. calling his alleged crimes gruesome. within the past week authorities have found the remains of at least ten people in and around sowell's home including a skull discovered in the basement. law enforcement officers appear disturbed by the killings. >> 23 years in law enforcement along with other guys with more time we've never seen anything like it so it's very challenging from an investigative standpoint, from an emotional standpoint for all of the investigators on the ground doing it, the coroner's office. so just emotional but the guys are -- the men and women are professional and they'll continue doing their job. >> neighbors say they complained of f
become the next guantanamo bay? why a congressman is against that idea. >>> and president obama says there's something he'd like everyone to see in china. he wants everything to have what he told a group of students in shanghai. >>> i'm richelle carey. welcome to "hln's" "news and views" on this monday. the story we're following as we speak. a somber update on a 5-year-old girl missing nearly a week. investigators say right now they are searching for the body of shaniya davis along a central north carolina highway. the police say they've received reliable information she may have been dumped there. police have charged shaniya's 25-year-old mother with human trafficking and felony child abuse. new pictures a moment ago. the mother antoinette davis is due in court in two hours. shaniya lived with her father until last month. he was hesitant to let her stay with her mother but felt she deserved an opportunity to be a part of shaniya's life. >> of course i had some reserves. however she been trying. i know she been working for at least six months, and she had been trying to get her life
between elements of the business community willing to support the direction obama is going and the fact is virtually uniform opposition even among republicans in congress while that is occurring? >> 60 votes in the senate, the margins in the house -- let's talk as pollsters. here's what is important -- when you ask people was the stimulus a good idea or bad idea, it was $787 billion. there were some republican ideas that were good ideas and would do more to create jobs that were ignored. in late march, they bought general motors and chrysler. what happened is that back to back in a three day time frame, people said another trillion dollars and for a lot of americans, they said what? the american government owns general motors and chrysler? governments don't own big companies in america. what ruptured? what ruptured is the concern that there is way too much in spending and to be fair, it's not the president's fault. but when you say -- and the combined the billions of dollars, there is one huge massive spending and as a stimulus package. . >> what happens is the republican p
the excitement that surrounded the barack obama election. it is what i took to be a lot of press commentary and outside the press that we had just gone through some kind of watershed, a signal of and. the election of barack obama was unquestionably a special event. it went beyond that pretty went to questions of a major transformation in the party system, people talked about an expected a large surge in the turnout of the election. many americans and academics and commentaries outside academia talked about a decline in the republican base. generally, there was a sense that existed out there that may still be there to some degree that we did not just watch election in which the incumbents were defeated and a new group of the democrats won but rather an election where something, in some sense, transformational happened. in many past elections there is always the story of something special that happened in the election. as an attribute of american politics, we have a penchant of looking elections where something special happens. i decided to take a look at that. i realized it is not an easy th
one statement to say. i know it is not hard for obama to want to kill other muslims because i'm not sure he is a christian. i did not say we need to send more troops to afghanistan because the pakistanis are stepping up and with both of us working together, i think we can come to a conclusion over there. then we will not have to worry about anymore terror attacks. thank you. host: thank you and thanks to all of you for your calls and comments. of course, we will have the prime minister from india here at the white house for a news conference this morning and the state dinner tonight, 6:00 on the west coast. tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. here on the washington -- on the "washington journal" we can continue the conversation. enjoy the rest of your day. . . >> we will take you live to the white house for the joint news conference with president obama and the indian prime minister. later, a look at the global food shortage. >> thanksgiving day, at 10:00 eastern bill clinton is on hand to present steven spielberg with an award. from the jfk library and museum, nick burns on terrori
and confusing. but one thing is clear -- president obama and the democrats have cut a dirty deal with the health insurance and pharmaceutical industries. obama took single payer off the table. and in exchange, the health insurance and pharmaceutical industries supported his drive for reform. that is why harry and louise, once again paid for by big pharma, are back on the air, this time arguing for passage of the democratic health care legislation. there are 88 members of the house who say they support single payer. yet only congressmen dennis kucinich and eric massa courageously stood up and voted earlier against president obama and against nancy pelosi and against steny hoyer and against the democratic leadership of congress. kucinich called the democratic bill, a bailout under a blue cross. nasa said the bill would enshrine in law the monopolistic powers -- massa said the bill would enshrine in law the monopolistic powers of the private health insurance industry. single payer action today is calling on the 88 single payer supporters in the house to stop hiding. come out, come out wherever you
? the republican is well in front. does this have any implications nationally or is this a factor of the obama surge from last year that can't be replicated now? >> virginia like new jersey will be decided by state issues and candidates themselves but republicans in that state are trying to nationalize the election in the way that mcdonnell tied to unpopular policies coming out of the obama white house and as you mentioned, a lot of first-time and new voters and young ethnic voters helped barack obama win in virginia but this is an off-year and you don't have excitement on the left like did you last year. >> turnout is light in atlanta. and houston as well. >> you have a lot of interesting mayoral contests across the country. let's start in new york city where michael bloomberg, the two-term mayor fighting for a third term. as you mentioned, down in your way, city council woman mary norwood is hoping to become the first white candidate to win an atlanta mayoral contest in 40 years. boston, the man there, hoping to win an unprecedented fifth term as mayor and houston another interesting race. >
, political strategists assess the new obama administration as he nears his first year in office. friday, for the first time in british history, parliament opens its chambers to non-mp's as they debate in the house of commons. former new york times reporter at what has to his plagiarism. a look back to the cuban missile crisis, as well. also, have world threats been over-the post cold war world. sunday, two programs on democracy and the internet, including the university of virginia powell on how the political process has been affected by the internet. the facebook founder will talk about how networking is changing the political process. this holiday weekend on c-span. >> thanksgiving week and on c- span, american icons, three nights of cspan original documentaries on the iconic homes of the three branches of american government beginning tonight at 8:00, eastern part of the supreme court reveals the building through the eyes of supreme court justices. friday at 8:00 p.m., the white house, inside america's most famous home, be on the bill that ropes. will show the grand public places as
, partying a little too. they swept yesterday's tight gubernatorial races. last year president obama was the first democrat to win in virginia in more than four decades. then in new jersey, incumbent jon corzine lost to republican chris christi. mr. obama campaigned hard for corzine, trying to help him. both parties spoke to cnn about this. >> last night was an example of what happens when elected officials and others don't pay attention and don't listen to what people out there are saying. we're listening and we're paying attention at the gop, and we're going to build off last night and hopefully bring more victories home last year. >> i think you need to read these as local races with local concerns. that's traditionally been the way these races have gone in the years after the presidential race. but the president is quite popular in both new jersey and virginia. >> watching those two gop wins, democrats still made some election history, a big upset in new york and the wider implications, what it means to you. >>> now to a missing pregnant woman that has been found dead, her body d
. the obamas will join the grieving families and a lot of people are wearing red, white and blue on this sunny day. >>> the national rifle association wants to stop florida adoption agencies from asking couples if they own guns. the nra claims that the very question invades the privacy of gun owners. it violates a federal law that prohibits the state from registering guns. the child welfare department says gun ownership question is included on some but not all forms that parents fill out. there's legislation being introduced to block the question from being on forms. this is a your views topic for today. richelle carey joins us to talk about what you have to say. >> this comes from a couple that wanted to adopt a child. they had a form that had the question on it. they didn't like having to answer the question about whether or not they had guns and they thought about suing but instead went the legislative route. that's how we got here. we've been listening to what you have to say about this story. we took our views cams down to the streets and got this comment from another chuck. >> my view on
anthony sowell lived. >> unbelievable. dick, we appreciate it. >>> president obama is in south korea on the latest stop of his asian tour. he's scheduled to meet with that country's president tomorrow. they will discuss a free trade agreement and north korea's nuclear program. yesterday the president was in china to meet with the premier there. he accepted an invitation to visit the u.s. next year and president obama took time to walk along a section of china's great wall. he called the experience magical. >>> somali pirates have attacked a u.s. flagged cargo ship for the second time. european union naval force say weapons were fired at the "maersk alabama" this morning. private security guards on the ship fired back and turned them away. the "maersk alabama" was hijacked back in april. pirates took captain richard phillips hostage for five days before navy sharp shooters freed them. pirate attacks are increasing. there have been 29 successful hija hijackings so far this year. >>> hillary clinton is on a surprise visit to afghanistan. that's her first trip there as secretary of state
. tomorrow, president obama will host his first state dinner for manmohan singh. guest arrivals and toes will be covered at 9:00 p.m. eastern. tonight, that neutrality, the wireless spectrum and improving broadband service in the u.s.. julius genachowski on c-span2. the new york times is changing its policy on players concussions, requiring neurologists to review those policies. you can see that during tonight at 9:15 p.m. eastern here on c- span. thanksgiving week, on c-span, a look at politics in america. a look ahead to 2012. what is fair in politics? the will of the media. also, tuesday night, the first state dinner as president obama welcomes indian prime minister manmohan singh. the indian prime minister is in the nation's capital this week for talks with president obama. right now, he is at the council of foreign relations to talk about the agenda, including climate change, the global economy, afghanistan and nuclear technology. we will have live coverage when it gets under way, right here on c-span. [indistinct chatter] [in distant chatter [indistinct chatter] [indistinct chatter
president obama will continue to be at least-25- year-old tradition of pardoning the thanksgiving turkey. i want to close with a twitter message, because the reflects our sentiment here. we will join in that as well. thanks to you for watching and being such a great audience on this day before thanksgiving. from all 280 of us as c-span, we are glad you are watching and taking part in the discussion. we will be back tomorrow morning, a thanksgiving day, 7:00 a.m., with more calls. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2009] . change their vote? if not, on this vote, the yeas are 60, the nays are 39. three-fifths of the senators duly chosen and sworn having voted in the affirmative, the moti >> with that vote the senate moved its. live starting monday and through december follow every minute of doe bait and how bill would affect access to medical care. the public option, taxes, abortion and medicare the on the only network that brings you the senate gavel to gavel. c-span 2. >> coming this thanksgiving on c-span, american ic
. who will stand with these two and against obama and his health care monstrosity? earlier this month congressman xavier was critical of into policy of giving up too easily. according to political nancy pelosi said that she understands she has tire tracks on your back because he threw her under the bus. . . my back because it xavier through me under the boss. no, madam speaker, it's the other way around. bye taking single pay off the table, you through the american people under the bus. what about congressman john conyers? will conyers, the lead sponsor 676 stand with kucinich and massa? he said he was tired of rahm emanuel's approach of, quote, give us anything and we will declare victory. declare victory. conyers said obama, quote, but just sign anything. but the question is will john conyers agreed to vote for anything? he did earlier this month. when will he break from obama? congressman don edwards is another so-called progressive for single payer. she took single payer off the table. she, too, said in july anything less than a public auction tight to medicare rates was unaccepta
at first lady michelle obama's preview of the dinner. guest arrivals, and the toast by president obama and the indian prime minister. our coverage of the dinner begins at 9:00 p.m. eastern on c-span. >> on "washington journal" tomorrow morning a discussion on lobbying efforts used in the health care debate. our guest is sheila krumholz, executive director for the center for responsive politics. later tom scully, former administrator for medicare and medicaid services talks about how scommare part d operates and how health care legislation may affect the program. and former arkansas senator david prior -- pryor stops by. "washington journal" takes your calls starting at 7:00 a.m. eastern here on c-span. >> thanksgiving day on c-span, at 10:00 eastern, bill clinton is on hand to present steven spielberg with this year's liberty medal from the national constitution center. also stanley greenburg and alex costalanos, part after panel assessing the obama presidency. and nick burst and lesley gell on terrorism and nuclear weapons. at 5:00, hip-hop artist and act lewda chris. thanksgiving day
with karzai and his former challenger. >>> president obama continues to weigh the pros and cons of sending more u.s. troops to fight in afghanistan. top administration officials are pledging to work with president karzai. the president is expected to unveil his war strategy with iran with a few weeks. 59 trips dotroops died in afghanistan. >>> and a new movie assault ship built with steel from the world trade center stopped. family members held a ceremony including a 21 gun salute. the bow of the $1 billion ship contains 7.5 tons of steel from the fallen towers. the ship will officially be commissioned saturday. >>> investigators in florida's panhandle need your help. the washington counties sheriff's department says shan lea ded rigid ick is missing. the sheriff said she didn't crawl or walk away. the girl is two feet tall, weighs 11 pounds and has brown air and blue eyes. again, an amber alert for shannon lea dedrick, and leaving a veteran officer dead inside his squad car. timothy brenton coaching a rookie officer when a car pulled up and someone inside that car opened fire. police say
>>> the brother of president obama. we meet him fresh off a meeting with his famous siblg in china, plus, what's at stake for our national security as the president now lands in south korea. >>> your eyes popped when you saw the latest airline prices. well, keep those eyes opened. airlines are saying they are going to keep the special holiday surcharges past the holidays. >>> and then, why that's quite a nice blouse you're wearing there today. sucking up to your boss. does it work? a new study tells us which bosses can smell it when you're putting it on thick and which cannot. >>> all that this hour on "morning express." i'm richard lui. >>> first off, pirates attacked the "maersk alabama" for the second time. pirates fired automatic weapons at the ship this morning. private security guards on the ship fired back and turned them away. now, "maersk alabama" probably sounds familiar to you, because it was hijacked in april. in april, pirates took captain richard phillips hostage five days before the navy freed him. these hijackings are increasing. 29 successful hijackings this year a
bill today. president obama will also visit capitol hill tomorrow to make a personal push for that legislation. >> a gruch inmates jumped no n. to a fight involving a prisoner and a guard, but surveillance video showses that this story does not end like you might think. >>> and the son of nba ledge he said michael jordan says he only wanted to wear the shoes endorsed by his dad, but his decision has cost his college. >>> time too look at weather. he's watching what was a tropical storm and you're tellings us something is going to happen. >> remember yesterday it wasn't even a depression at this time yesterday, but it built itself into a tropical depression, and storm and then a hurricane. first thing this morning, hurricane ida came to shore, currently over land. so really raining very hard across eastern nicaragua, 75 miles an hour. that's a weak hurricane, but look at the track. this is odd to see it in november, but the track will take it back into the caribbean and if it holds together over land, about it comes back into the gulf of mexico, it could be a problem for th
republicans are gaining strength and a test of president obama's influence. a litmus test, is what some are sayi saying. the president worked hard to help democrats in new jersey and virginia, but in new jersey here's the situation. democratic governor jon corzine is in a tight race with republican chris christi and chris dagut. yes, they are trailing here. new jersey and virginia have long historying of electing governors from clever party doesn't hold the white house. now, conservative party candidate doug hoffman is battling it out with owens to represent the 23rd congressional district. former republican nominee is backing owens here. that's a big deal. republican backing a democrat. she dropped out last weekend amid backlash from conservatives who said she was too moderate of a republican. we will have more on a couple other races later this morning. >>> meantime, 20-year-old woman whose father allegedly ran her over with his jeep in a parking lot has died. noor almaleki was in a coma for two weeks and had spinal surgery. they moved to arizona from iraq. authorities say her father
got rid of was bush. he just went wild. what we really need right now is for obama to get into this wto and make sure that things are being unfair. as he said when he was running for office, he needs to look into nafta. we have got to get these things straight because it is just killing us. we need manufacturing back because there is only so many construction jobs. when you have got the pressure of people coming from mexico and the fact that all the manufacturing is gone, that pushes everybody into construction. well, ok, let's talk about supply and demand. you have too many people, and of course every business will tell you there is not enough people and we need to bring more in so that we can get more workers. well, what they're talking about is they want lower wages. they are not talking about people, they are talking about cost. host: thank you, and we will get some response from mr. trumka. guest: he is right in many aspects of what he was talking about. if you look at trade, it has been an important issue and it continues to be an important issue. we have run up a ma
some jail time in this. we have not heard from the da on that. >>> president obama leaves today for an important visit to asia. eight days. five stays. and four countries. so why now? well, to reassure asian allies that have lent billions to the united states that the u.s. is still strong and the dollar still solid. concerns of regional and international security including north korea will be discussed. his plans for afghanistan will no doubt be in the mix. plus, meeting several newly elected leaders in asia for the very first time. we're following his trip when he does take off. >>> then the economy, of course, will be an important part of the president's trip. just a few moments ago, he spoke about this morning's jobs reports. >> the economic growth that we've seen has not yet led to the job growth that we desperately need. as i've said from the start of this crisis, hiring often takes time to catch up to economic growth. given the magnitude of the economic turmoil that we've experienced, employers are reluctant to hire. >> jen westhoven will have more on the jobs numbers in a
so. both sides are well-aware that president obama's vision of comprehensive piece includes both israel and syria. we think it is an important part of the objective. i have met with the president and prime minister and discussed directly with them our hope and encouragement that peace talks be revived and will continue in that effort. until now while they both estate willingness, their differences on how to do so have prevented them. the government of syria wishes to conclude the indirect talks which were begun through turkey last year before going to direct talks. the government of israel prefers to go directly to direct talks without preconditions. we are attempting to find a mechanism on which both can agree because we think it is important that they begin the process. we want them to do so, want to support that effort in any way the weekend. that will continue. >> the last question -- the >> thank you. i'm with the turkish daily newspaper. you talked about the israeli/syrian talks and turkey has played a role in that. do you still see a role for turkey to play at this time? >
as well. hlntv. >>> president obama wrapped up a busy day in china with some sightseeing and a lavish state dinner in his honor. earlier he had a long closed door meeting with chinese president hu jintao. they vowed to work together on ending the north korea's nuclear program but they had a pact to come up with joint solutions on climate change. >> as two largest consumers and producers of energy, there can be no solution to this challenge without efforts of both china and the united states. that's why we agreed to a series of important new initiatives in this area as president who indicain indicated we have achieved agreements on renewable energy, cleaner uses of coal, electric vehicles and gas. >> president obama encouraged china to resume talks with the dalai lama's representatives. china's crackdown on tibet and other human rights issues have been a thorn in the side for years. >>> you'll hear how 2-year-old girls are doing after 25 hours of surgery. >>> former alaska governor sarah palin's book "going rogue" goes on sale today and the author continues to make tv appearances to pr
's going to pop up again. was tlnt drawing or a pick tif of obama looking very -- they oild his body and made him look very sexy or something. >> there it is, we got it. >> washingtonian. but that's not quite news week. >> washingtonian souns more news weeky than "newswreak." seems to me that's a legitimate periodical, the "washingtonian." >> there was that shot there. let's get a call in. beverly is with us. your comment or question for joy? >> caller: i have a comment. i love sarah palin. i was a democrat all my life. this is the first time i voted. it was because of her. i think a lot of people are jealous of her. i think instead of them harping on her, let's get on levi and have him shut his mouth. >> anti levi, pro sarah there. >> he has been shooting his mouth off. he said some very scathing things about her in "vanity fair." we don't know who is making up what. this is a soap opera now. this is not a presidential candidate anymore. she's a reality show character and a soap opera actress. >> what would she v to say or do for you to say maybe she has a political future? >> she'd
kidnapping charges as well. >>> let's move on to president obama who's wrapping up a busy day in china with a lavish state learn in china. he had a long conversation with the president. >> as the two largest consumers and producers of energy, there can be no solution of this challenge without the efforts of both china and the united states. and that's high we have growed to certain new initiatives in this area. we are creating a joint energy efficiency and renewable energy, cleaner uses of coal. electric vehicles an shale gas. >> china's crackdown on tibet and other issues have been a thorn in the united states -- >>> a storm with winds of 95 miles an hour and sustained winds of 55 miles an hour and higher are expected before the storm is over. these winds that have battered western washington state have eased up a little bit and floodwaters are easing up a little bit. the bad news by the way is the stormy weather may not be -- new guidance for you this morning that says women in their 40s do not need routine mammograms. that comes from a government task force of doctors and scientists
to this procedure. >>> president obama's commander in chief on veterans day is consoler in chief. he laid a wreath any tomb of the unknowns today. an occasion poignant as it was he who led the memorial service for victims the ft. hood massacre just yesterday. he paid tribute to all who have served and are currently serving this country. >> in an era where so many acted only in pursuit of narrow self-interest, they have chosen the opposite. they chose to serve the cause that is greater than self. many even after they knew they would be sent into harm's way. and for the better part of a decade they endured tour after tour in distant and difficult places and protected from us danger and given others the opportunity for a better life. to all of them, to our veterans, to the fallen, and to their families, there's no tribute, no commemoration, no praise that can truly match the magnitude of your service and your sacrifice. >>> after the amphitheater service, the president visited section 60, the burial ground at arlington for u.s. military personnel killed in iraq and afghanistan. >>> there were no word
and that will pose a legal problem for prosecutors. the trials are part of president obama's plan to eventually close that u.s. prison camp in cuba. he spoke about the decision today during his trip to tokyo. >>> i'm absolutely convinced that khalid shaikh mohammed will be subject to the most exact in demands of justice. the american people insist on it and my administration will insist on it. >> the man will go on trial in the southern district of new york just blocks from the world trade center tower. nearly 3,000 people were killed in the attacks in new york and washington. the actual transfer isn't expected to happen for many weeks. what do you think about this? what do you think about trying these suspects in civilian court in new york? do you think it's the right thing to do? do you prefer they face military justice back in guantanamo bay. e-mail us at cnn.com/hln. call us at 877-tell-hln. you can text us at hlntv. standard text rates apply. there's also a discussion going on on my facebook page. search richelle carey hln to dive in. we'll share your responses with you in just a bit. >>> the al
a failure and they wanted something different. obama gets elected on the slogan of change and ahmadinejad got elected on the slogan of change, too. and he invested a lot of money. and in those years, there was bounty and there was a lot of infrastructure, which created a bubble and created inflation which made people dissatisfied with ahmadinejad again. but certainly when i was doing it this time on a friday and thursday before the elections, people would say to me, we're going to vote for ahmadinejad again because we want to give him the opportunity to finish what he started. and i would get this in parts of tehran and also in other parts because it seems from several people i have spoken to who are no fans of the islamic republic that will ahmadinejad was going to win it and they believed he was going to win it in the first round, which was shocking to me having come from a steady diet of goings on in the streets of tehran. but i went there to cover and i can't speak for tehran because that's where i lived. but by the time i went back there in january of 2008, things had changed and you
barack obama and harry reid and devoted to move afford a government-run health care bill. one member sold her vote to the highest bidder. one member sold out his principles. two more lost what little credibility they had on fiscal responsibility. another put the interests of the left of his party before his own state. another voted one wait after saying she was for another. it is no wonder why democrats and voted in the dead of night. >> the senate is currently on its thanksgiving recess but when the return on monday health care debate will certainly dominate. members are being allowed to offer amendments during this recess. they planned to begin debate after their return. all of them live when they do. health care debate begins at 2:00 p.m. eastern on c-span2. in 10 minutes we will bring you discussion on the global food shortage, the efforts being taken to reduce hunger worldwide. we will hear from people who work for the u.n. program. as well as from the president robert zelig. that is 1:30 p.m. eastern scheduled as the start time. until then, programming from this morning's "washingto
now president obama son his way to ft. hood to join grieving families in a shaken community looking for answers to last week's deadly shooting spree. he will meet privately of relatives of those who were killed and then attend a memorial service at the army post. >>> right now the fbi is starting a new internal review to see if it missed any red flags about the suspect, major nidal hasan. >> i guess no one saw the signs on him. they missed the signs with him. can you imagine they missed the signs with someone else? i mean, you know, ridiculous. >> i think there were probably a lot of connections that should have been made that weren't made but we're at war and we're under a lot of pressure and maybe that's -- that's what happened. >> and remembering those who lost their lives live to the senate we go. they are observing a moment of silence. it's in honor of the victims and families of the ft. hood shootings. 13 people died in those attacks, 42 others were injured. and then we see the senator -- senator reid from las vegas, who, of course, is the majority leader there. they just fini
obama has rejected all four options his advisers gave him for afghanistan which implies that he's starting over. he's saying he wants more of a definitive exit strategy, which led us to the question we want to know how do you, the viewer, define winning in afghanistan. if you think there is such a thing as winning in afghanistan. some said you don't. some said yes, i do, this is what i think it is. let's get to the phone and talk to nick calling us from stanford, connecticut. how do you define winning in afghanistan? >> caller: there's no way to have a military win in afghanistan. the numbers don't matter. you're dealing with a primitive country and with people who are uneducated and it's based on a tribal system. all outsiders are occupyiiers. the key is to get the tribal leaders to understand what we're doing and to fight the taliban and al qaeda for us. >> i understand exactly what you said and you are concise which makes you think you're a military man, are you? >> caller: no. we can't win there. >> you don't think the goal laid out is attainable? >> caller: what we have to
rap lyrics. you may remember his song "politics, obama is here pirko it was not well received by the then presidential candidate. he has had a memorable movie roles, including a car thief and the oscar-winning film "crash." just a few weeks ago, he and a fellow rap star donated $10,000 to help victims of flooding in advanta, his hometown. our guest will tell us about the ludacris foundation, which has donated $500,000 and more than 2500 hours of service to support grass-roots organizations that help young people the organization's annual thanksgiving through christmas holiday program has provided food baskets to more than 1000 families and christmas toys to thousands of children in hospitals and low income communities. he understands the potential of this nation's children. he wrote his first run at age nine and begin to wrap competitively as a teenager. he studied music management before going on to launch his own label and production company. in 2005, he became the first hip-hop artist to ring the opening bell on wall street. please join me in giving a warm, national press c
the plan which includes a government run insurance program. the president obama will be on capitol hill tomorrow to lobby in person. there will be two more democrats in the house when health care comes up for the vote. the winners of the tuesday special elections in new york and california. >>> right now in washington people opposed to health care reform in general are gathering outside of the capitol. republican leaders will address the valley. they are right now as we speak. a live picture from the hill. this is the t.e.a. party anti-tax group. minnesota congressman michelle bachmann is spearheading the rally which she dubbed a house call by the activists. last week she publicly invited t.e.a. party members to swarm the capitol to tell lawmakers they oppose this heal care reform. >>> could oprah winfrey be calling it quits? a new report claims she'll say good-bye to her daytime talk show in two years but she won't stay completely away. she'll move the show to the oprah winfrey network on cable which will replace discovery health channel. it would be a shock to industry insiders. many
obama ordered a review of the handles of hasan's contact with a radical muslim cleric last year. the fbi says it was dismissed as innocent at the time. defense secretary robert gates warned against rushing to judgment. >> frankly, i deplore the leaks that have taken place, because people who are leaking are leaking what they know, which is one small piece of the puzzle. and what's more, they don't know whether or not what they're leaking might jeopardize a potential criminal investigation at trial. >> now those 13 counts of premeditated murder we mentioned earlier may have hasan eligible for the death penalty if he is convicted. >>> so the balloon boy's parents are due in court in about 30 minutes. they are expected to plead guilty and admit the whole thing, this thing, was a hoax. last month richard and mayumi heene said they thought their son was inside that balloon. the couple could face jail time now. and one former prosecutor explains why richard heene is facing felony, not misdemeanor, charges. >> they disrupted air traffic at denver international airport. there were national guard
." >>> president obama says it's too early to jump to conclusions about what happened at ft. hood. in a few minutes we'll hear what else he had to say. we'll also have your views on the tragedy at ft. hood. we're also mandated to stay on top of other developments other than the ft. hood shootings. hln has that goal. let's move on to other stories of the day. >>> for the first time in 26 years the nation's unemployment rate soared into double digits. the labor department says the october jobless rate hit 10.2% highest since ape of 1983. the economy lost 190,000 jobs last month. the unemployment rate in september was 9.8%. >>> more on the orlando shooting. it's still an active scene for police, s.w.a.t. team members and ems technicians. they arrived it at the scene of a mass shooting. eight people have been shot according to various reports. we'll cover that story and bring you the latest. >>> plus, more about the tragedy at ft. hood. your views coming up. what you're saying about the massacre. >>> back to our breaking story. in the heart of orlando's downtown central business district, a shooting at
in about an hour, we're expecting president obama to go there to lay a wreath at this location. many other countries are also honoring their veterans as well. for them, the holiday primarily marks the signing of a truce to end world war i. and of course today being the end of world war i, that anniversary, which is veterans day here in the united states. there you see angela merkle, the chancellor of germany in that picture. >>> a u.s. pilot yanked off a flight minutes before taking off because a co-worker thought he was drunk. irving lamont washington was set to fly a united jet from london to chicago on monday. british police arrested him when he flunked a breathalyzer test, though. washington is now grounded. there have been several incidents for the airlines industry recently. this morning on our sister network a former ntsb official said flyers should be concerned. >> the whole structure of flying has changed. the airline had industry has been in a profound downturn for a number of years and not getting any better. pilots, they -- flight crews are the key component. they're being work
michelle obama. the great debate on tv's most provocative entertainment show at 11:00 eastern. >>> a church in arizona has been told to stop feeding the homeless. now the aclu offered to help crossroads united methodist. again, they were told to stop feeding the homeless because neighborhood started to complain. homeless were caught relieving themselves in the area. some of them were apparently camping out in people's backyards. this month a judge ruled the church was violating a city ordinance by serving meals in a residential area. so why not just feed the homeless somewhere else. the pastor told us that this is a city wide ordinance so if the church moves, it can actually set a precedent for other churches in phoenix so that's why they're going this route. the church hasn't decided whether it it will accept help from the aclu but an appeal is set for next month. until then the church will keep feeding the needy. what do you think about this? is this pushing the rule of law too far? maybe you understand where the neighborhood is coming from. i don't know. maybe you do. does helping the le
help for nearly 2 million out of work americans is on the way. president obama will sign a bill today extending jobless benefits up to 20 additional weeks. let's get over to melissa long. we're talking about extending benefits up to 79 weeks total and based on the numbers that just came out today this could be good news. >> yes. we have an unemployment rate standing at 10.2%, one of the big stories of the morning. we haven't seen a rate like this since 1983. so you're right, richard. today's bill does extend jobless benefits to a lot of people in need and adds an additional 14 weeks. people in states with unemployment higher than 8.5% will get an additional six weeks of benefits. meantime the bill president obama signs today may also boost the u.s. housing market because it is going to extend that $8,000 first-time home buyer tax credit past the end of this month now to june 30th. it also creates a $6500 credit for current homeowners to buy a new home if they've lived in their current home for at least five years and they get it passed through the senate and house this week. it is on
against president obama. still supporters will not be able to ask palin any questions. >>> how a shot some of you might have gotten last year could be giving your bodies a fighting chance again the swine flu, come up. >>> hey, oprah winfrey fans, big news coming out this hour. she is set to officially announce she is ending her talk show. winfrey's last show will be in september of 2011, which means the show will have been on the air for 25 years. >> i don't think anyone can fill oprah's shoes. she has maintained such incredible integrity throughout her career. that's the thing i admire most about her and i'm really proud of her for that. >>> and the man accused of kidnapping a 5-year-old girl will be charged with murder and rape. marco mcneill will be in court today. police say she was the last person to see her alive. investigators think she was prostituting her daughter. preliminary autopsy reports show that the little girl was suffocated. >>> and the man who police say secretly taped erin andrews in her hotel room, he has his first court appearance today. he's accused of filming her th
? >> i think it is. i'd think that is exactly what we are seeing happen since president obama took office and before that in the efforts of the group that was essentially hoover veterans of the summit. we'll be talking about some of that this happened, but george shultz and his group are around stanford and the hoover institution have been immensely active in the last three years in trying to move toward an international commitment to get to zero nuclear weapons. i'd think we are beginning to see a little bit of progress. it is an immensely complicated problem. the next step is probably going to be for president obama to announce that we have reduced our arsenal to about 1000 weapons, and then we'll go down from there in concert with others. there are a lot of political issues to resolve and security issues among various states are around the world before we do that, but i think the process is underway. >> bill, why don't you finish us off? >> i think that will be a very challenging process, precisely because the same issues that defined so much of what we have talked about in the early p
clinton had a front row seat, by the way. meantime, president obama is deciding rather to send up to 40,000 more troops to afghanistan. we'll keep you posted on what he decides there. >>> meantime, this may sound like something out of the show "c.s.i. wp" bugs will apparently play a big role in helping investigators figure out how and when 11 bodies ended up at the home of anthony sowell. a bug expert will look at how old the bugs are to figure out exactly when the people died. investigators say it is a meticulous process. it can take up to a month to finish per body. sowell, you may know, is facing a number of charges now including murder, rape and kidnapping. >>> keep on talking to your doctor. that is the big message from health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius about the new mammogram guidelines. you probably heard this week, a federal advisory board said women in their 40s should avoid routine exams. the american cancer society, though, disagrees. sebelius says programs like medicaid will keep paying for the exams. she stressed the guidelines are recommendations, not g
both of the stress he was under and of the fact he had become an islamist extremist. >> president obama and the first lady will attend a memorial service tomorrow for the victim of the ft.hood shootings. 13 people were killed. we'll have some stories for you in a few minutes and throughout the day. >>> meanwhile, a man wanted for questioning in the shooting deaths of three women in illinois is in police custody now. shots rang out outside an east st. louis convenience store saturday night. the store other than says the gunfire was directed at a car carrying three women and three kids. the three women can killed. the children weren't hurt. police say it was not a random act and the violence may have been domestic in nature but charges have not been filed yet. investigators are still looking for the suspect's car specifically. >>> mr. gorbachev, tear down this wall. >> you know that wall did indeed come down more than two years after that speech by president reagan and 20 years ago today, the end of communism. bon jovi will perform. a lot of world leaders there including secretary of stat
a front-row seat. president obama is deciding whether to send up to 40,000 more troops to afghanistan. >>> the arkansas officer who tasered a 10-year-old girl has been suspended for a week for not wearing a camera to record that incident. this is according to local media. the police report says the girl's mom told the officer he could tase the girl after she kicked him in the groin. the mother is defending her decision to call police for help. >> i want to make this clear, i'm not calling them over here to handle my problem. i'm having them come over here to protect my daughter from hurting herself or hurting somebody else. >> the father has said that he will fight for custody. >>> the ban that keeps u.s. citizens from traveling to cuba has been in place for nearly 50 years now. at least one member of congress says it's time to end it. these are pictures of -- we're going to have pictures for you of the house foreign affairs committee which is holding a hearing on lifting the travel ban. at the beginning of today's proceedings, howard to the best of your memory -- birmen sid by any ob
to honor each of the victims. you can see here a helmet, boots, a rifle. president obama, the commander in chief spoke at the service trying to be a voice of comfort during this difficult time. let's give it a listen. >> for those families who have lost a loved one, no words can fill the void that's been left. we knew these men and women as soldiers and care givers. you knew them as mothers and fathers, sons and daughters, sisters and brothers. >> there you have it, very well spoken there. let's bring this our experts on this and take your calls, by the way 1-877-tell-hln is the number. joining us to talk about ann scott tyson military reporter for the "washington post." we'll get really into the investigation side of it with her also with us jack helmer, field director for military ministry at ft. hood. jack, were you at the memorial service today? >> yes, i was, mike. >> how moving was it today? you could feel it, as i was watching it. were you there. describe your feelings being so close to the situation. >> well, i've been to more moving ceremonies but these are soldiers and they ar
president barack obama expressing his condolences to victims of this horrific attack at ft. hood, texas, massive shooting, 12 killed. the gunmen -- one of the gunmen included in that number. up to 31 wounded, two of them said to be in very serious condition. the entire base under lockdown. three suspects are believed behind this assault. again one dead, two now in custody. the army says the suspects are all u.s. soldiers and the shootings happened at two different locations, a u.s. terrorism official says it is still way too early to tell whether this is in any way linked to terrorism. we know ft. hood is the army's largest u.s. post there. are about 40,000 troops stationed there. governor rick perry will speak about this breaking new story in about 13 minutes bottom of the hour. we'll update any new details throughout "prime news" so stick around for that. we continue to follow this story, more shocking as the days go on, 11 human remains, possibly more at an accused serial killer's home in cleveland, ohio, a second victim identified today and we're hearing from one woman who says she
that women should get your mammograms and screenings, do you think that the obama administration had any influence over those or any link or was this independent? >> i will not speculate on that. recommendations like this from a task force, a panel, that has been put together by the administration that those recommendations will be used by the insurance companies as they make a determination as to what they're going to cover. as a woman, i want to be able to consult with my doctor based on my family history to know when i should be getting a mammogram. we will figure out when that is appropriate but we will follow the guidelines that we look to. it is the insurance companies who are saying, sorry, you are over 50 and it is now every other year as opposed to what my coverage was before, that causes me a great deal of concern. >> anyone else? >> center collins, there is some unfinished business in congress that needs to be addressed before dan york. -- senator collins -- [unintelligible] there is a list of a five or six items. was this leveraged to pressure the democrats to forestall this
the barack obama model, who he, of course, came out neshlly with an auto by oh graphy that was very frank and followed up with a policy oriented book. >> she had to do this interview. she has to get her story out there. but you mentioned politics. let's talk politics real quick, nia. this is a snippet from that interview, talking about how she was coached for the debates. basically saying she was given flash cards, and does not paint the mccain campaign, not john mccain himself, but campaign advisers not in a good light. basically she was given non-answers to recite. she tried to be honest and candid. they told her, huh-uh, not a good way to go. was that a good thing to unveil that? >> it makes her look like the victim. it makes her look like someone who's kind of caught up in this whirlwind campaign, who wasn't quite ready for primetime. i mean, she kept kind of going back to not being prepared, or not -- or being naive, for instance, when she talked about the katie couric interview. she talked about it as if she was expecting katie couric to kind of talk to her about mothering or someth
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